Within Corporate IT, there was a time when your work load was dictated by requests received from other areas within the HBOS network. As the business grew, HBOS Corporate IT had to become a profit centre in its own right as opposed to a pure support centre. When the business model changed, it became apparent that to produce its own revenue stream, HBOS Corporate IT would have to produce additional incomes and cross sell its services across the HBOS network. Too often work would be sourced from outside when the skills were available in house.

To make that change a shift in mood and greater interpersonal skills would be needed by some of the staff within Corporate IT. To facilitate that change, Nick delivered a series of workshops both in England and in Scotland to help to develop improved interpersonal skills. This covered, body language, emotional intelligence, listening skills, self confidence and questioning techniques to allow effective networking and soft sales to be successfully carried out.