Argos is one of the largest UK catalogue companies with a strong North West prescence and a Contact Centre in Widnes.

A selection of Argos Team Leaders were taken through an accredited professional development programme, below is a selection of their comments:

“I love my course and the help and advice that I get from it. I do believe that it is helping me develop into a stronger and more perceptive Team Leader.”

“By sharing thoughts and ideas through the workshops, I always come out with something new. From the last workshop, for instance, I came out with new ideas and a brighter way of looking at things.”

“I have had a really challenging few months and at a time when I really felt low and uninspired, the workshop brought me back on top again.”

“Taking this course was one of the best steps I could have taken- Everything I learn has been used at some point in my daily tasks.”

“I find the workshops invaluable to get together with people that I don’t necessarily see day to day and we can discuss and share best practise, and also discuss what has not gone so well and try to reason why.”

“You as a facilitator are great, your energy and enthusiasm keep the sessions bright cheerful and interesting.”