African Management Corporation…”World Class Customer Service”

Nick delivered the five day course having also designed and built the programme for the client specific needs and outcomes.

The course “World Class Customer Service” was delivered on behalf of the International Academy of Project Management for the African Management Corporation.

Delegates attended from a variety of sectors and covered South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Tanzania.

“Nick aims to bring out the best in every participant, by tapping into our strengths and motivating us to be the best we can be. He respects the views of participants and shows that he is willing to help us throughout our service excellence journey, not only in the course but even after the course.”

“Speaker Nick Bishop not only professional but is talented on delivering the material in such a way the participants can absolutely apply in the world of customer service. The rich examples he has with the topics makes it easy to understand on what he is delivering. His wide knowledge should be utilised to reach as many participants as possible so as most people get benefits from being on his courses.”

“The enthusiasm and passion the speaker brought to the topic was awesome.”

“The speaker has got greater knowledge, skill and experience on the topic and that immensely contributed to providing me with exactly what I needed.”

“I thought his overall friendly and comfortable personality had significant impact as he motivated continuous interaction with the audience.”

“Nick Bishop is brilliant and smart .He knows his work and is a good speaker. He speaks clear and you understand everything. I recommend any company to come and listen to him or invite him anytime. He’s the best.”