Clients & Feedback



Argos is one of the largest UK catalogue companies with a strong North West presence and a Contact Centre in Widnes. A selection of Argos Team Leaders were taken through an accredited professional development programme, below is a selection of their comments:

“I love my course and the help and advice that I get from it. I do believe that it is helping me develop into a stronger and more perceptive Team Leader.”

“By sharing thoughts and ideas through the workshops, I always come out with something new. From the last workshop, for instance, I came out with new ideas and a brighter way of looking at things.”

“I have had a really challenging few months and at a time when I really felt low and uninspired, the workshop brought me back on top again.”

“Taking this course was one of the best steps I could have taken- Everything I learn has been used at some point in my daily tasks.”

NHS Direct

NHS Direct has an authoritative health website. Over two million people now access NHS Direct every month. A growing success story and one that is now seeing other countries seeking advice on how to replicate. Nick completed close to 100 days training as chosen partner to Qualifi to deliver a Leadership Development Programme to Team Managers within NHS Direct. The programme spanned two years across England and over eight sites.

“Excellent course/trainer.”

“Thank you for your unstinting attention.”

“Enjoyed the course and the course delivered very well.”

“Very good trainer.”

It has been a pleasure to have worked with all 250 Team Managers within NHS Direct. Working together to build on the passion for excellence and embed the vital skills of good management practice.

Pets at Home

Pets at Home is a pet supplies retail chain in the United Kingdom with 272 stores nationwide. Pets at home currently have over 4600 employees and their last annual profit was more that £500million. The company sells a large variety of products including food, toys, bedding, medication and accessories.

As the business grew so too did the Pets at Home management team. The teams had to bond and new ideas were required to tackle the challenges of business growth. To facilitate that change and to help to build the confidence and esteem of the teams, Nick delivered a series of workshops linked to business “away days”. Pets at Home continue to develop their incredible growth story.

African Management Corporation

Nick delivered the five day course having also designed and built the programme for the client specific needs and outcomes. The course “World Class Customer Service” was delivered on behalf of the International Academy of Project Management for the African Management Corporation. Delegates attended from a variety of sectors and covered South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Tanzania.

“Nick aims to bring out the best in every participant, by tapping into our strengths and motivating us to be the best we can be. He respects the views of participants and shows that he is willing to help us throughout our service excellence journey, not only in the course but even after the course.”

“The enthusiasm and passion the speaker brought to the topic was awesome.”

“The speaker has got greater knowledge, skill and experience on the topic and that immensely contributed to providing me with exactly what I needed.”

Macmillan Cancer Support

Nick was approached by Macmillan Cancer Support to deliver a workshop at their annual staff conference at Keele University. It received such a positive reaction with close to 100 people wanting to attend that a second session was needed! Nick was delighted to receive the following feedback from the participants compiled by Rachel Patrick, the Macmillan Events Manager. Inspirational self development: welcome to a new world.

“Good delivery, enthusiastic approach.”

“It was an enjoyable session, with very professional facilitation. Good fun and I’ve taken a few pointers away with me so it was useful for that.”

“I know a lot of people found it hugely thought provoking.”

“Professionally delivered presentation. A good introduction – lots of material.”


Within Corporate IT, there was a time when your work load was dictated by requests received from other areas within the HBOS network. As the business grew, HBOS Corporate IT had to become a profit centre in its own right as opposed to a pure support centre. When the business model changed, it became apparent that to produce its own revenue stream, HBOS Corporate IT would have to produce additional incomes and cross sell its services across the HBOS network. Too often work would be sourced from outside when the skills were available in house. To make that change a shift in mood and greater interpersonal skills would be needed by some of the staff within Corporate IT. To facilitate that change, Nick delivered a series of workshops both in England and in Scotland to help to develop improved interpersonal skills. This covered, body language, emotional intelligence, listening skills, self confidence and questioning techniques to allow effective networking and soft sales to be successfully carried out.