The feature yesterday was all about when dreams come true…the key point being that we may actually have far greater input than we actually realise!

The reality is also that dreams do not come true overnight! For every success that we strive for their will be challenges and disappointment on the journey.

So how do we manage this process?

First of all, its vital that we set meaningful goals and that have landmarks along the route. This is for two reasons.

  • To allow us to recognise and celebrate the small steps that ultimately define our end goal
  • To change direction if there are signs that we need to refocus and assess our end destination

We must also recognise that there are two types of learning…”Useful” and “Unuseful”

Useful learning allows us to benefit from mistakes that we make. Without such learning,  we don’t grow as individuals or provide the chance to make changes.

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb…He always challenged those that suggested that on the journey that he made two thousand mistakes! He called them two thousand glorious learning opportunities!

In creating opportunities for dreams to come true, we have to find new ways of learning…And which ultimately take us to that special place that we picture allowing dreams to become reality.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”

Winston Churchill