My work takes me into sport as well as business…people are people at the end of the day…the way that they think and behave. The way that teams bond and develop.

My work as an England Athletics Coach, allows me to develop the talents of athletes…In part this can be mental. I recently wrote eight articles for UK Athletics on the “The power of our own mind”.

One athlete that was in a group that I was coaching at the weekend, caught my eye.  Its more than just about the stop watch…Its seeing the talent and potential. Something that he had not yet seen for himself. I know what I need to do, on two counts…To develop his potential and also for him to believe it.

The analogy translates into business. Its not just about the figures. We have to look beyond that. Its only when we get to know our people that we can uncover dormant or untapped potential. The way that we coach people and the questions that we ask.  Seeing the potential that the person themselves cannot!

Everyone has talent…Everyone has ability. Often it just needs some scratching under the surface, a hunch…seeing something in someone!

The job of a leader is to spot the potential, and then find the right way to take the person to a place that they may previously have thought impossible!