I went for a walk early morning today…Just 40 minutes…I stopped at a coffee shop with outside seating. Nothing unusual about that.

The young lady that served me was charming, and we chatted. A mother and daughter picked up on the conversation and we spoke some more. This lasted for some 30 minutes. The cafe owner chipped in from time to time. Without even having to ask any particular questions, by the end of  our discussion, I had been given a host of information that allowed me to learn more about each of the individuals.

On leaving, I walked past a lady who I imagined to be in her mid seventies, and walking her dog. We exchanged a cheery “good morning”. She had a beautiful voice and accent. Is it acceptable to compliment? Yes…Why not! …”I hope you wont mind my saying so, but you have a lovely voice”…Her  reply…”Thank you so much…that’s so kind of you…I have been here for sixty years since moving from Southern Ireland..Its nice to be nice.”

The point of the article? We can learn so much from people without being intrusive. Polite conversation, natural engagement, a cheery smile.

Do we change when we are in business mode…Should we change? By purely taking an interest in people, listening and showing you care…Being genuine and personable…You will find that your personal business network will fast develop!