When a team is winning, morale is high…And if morale is high, the team is in a position to win but what comes first?

High morale or winning? Most likely high morale, because high morale magnifies everything positive that is happening in the team.

High Morale is the Great Exaggerator

When an entire team is positive and all the players feel good about themselves, everything seems good.

High Morale is the Great Elevator

When a team possesses high morale, the performance of its people goes to an entire new level. The team focuses on its potential, not its problems.

High Morale is the Great Energizer

High morale gives team energy… players become like the energizer bunny!

High Morale is the Great Eliminator

Because of the momentum and associated energy, everything but significant obstacles become irrelevant.

High Morale is the Great Emancipator

Winning creates breathing space, to provide the freedom to try new ideas.

Sometimes it pays to reflect and consider on a range of issues outside your standard KPI: Get the behaviours right, light the blue touch paper and watch the business come alive. When did you last reflect on the emotional temperature of your team?