In most areas of our lives, we operate in teams…in families, this can sometimes be referred to as a family unit. When you consider the components of mother and father, they map seamlessly together. The focus being to nurture and develop their children. To care for them with a high degree of attention in the formative years, while giving them more autonomy as they develop. Ultimately, they leave the family unit to replicate the model on their own.

The similarities with business are close. The early development, of mentoring and training, highlighting the ground rules, while gradually empowering them as trust and confidence grows.

Turning to sport. Most Clubs have youth teams, often starting from as young as five or six. Again, slowly, the talent that they possess is nurtured and a coaching strategy is in place to make sure that the right skills and habits are developed.

The terms we use are common across all…So to the raison d’etre. To develop and upskill, ensuring that the natural talents possessed are always the clear focus…Talented children perhaps taking piano lessons, in business we send people on training courses to facilitate continuous professional development and having first identified requirements, while in sport we have specialist coaches within the club to help with specific needs.

We all strive for success…That may be as simple as happiness…This applies in each example. People in happy teams will always work better, We celebrate together…A birthday, a business target being hit, and finally, a sports match being won!

Perhaps, the mastery of understanding and developing people is the common thread…People are People…Its how you lead and develop that will always determine the outcome!