Far too often when things don’t quite go to plan, we beat ourselves up and set off a chain of negative self talk.

The reverse of this is the success that we work towards, be that individual or as a team, and then recognise the achievement(s).

Every day, great things happen all around us, and we tend not to notice. While many may appear insignificant, the cumulative effect of many small things can be HUGE!!

If we then move from small (but significant) elements of success, we have achievements that all to often can be shrugged off and overlooked. This is such a shame for a number of reasons!

Firstly, there may be a way of working or style of working not always considered by all, but by which certain individual(s), are benefitting. Surely, we should be exploring new and improved ways of working, and sharing best practice!

More importantly, we all thrive on recognition. The term “Reward & Recognition”, may appear a corporate term for an HR policy, but should be used more regularly in the work place. Rather like Pavlov’s dog theory, we react to positive stimuli, and once we recognise why, we are highly likely to want to repeat the actions and receive the same outcomes…the recognition!

This is not creating a namby-pamby culture, more one where we recognise significant achievements and take the time to celebrate them! Given that each of us deliver high levels of performance for most of the time…what a shame that we only focus on the failures and which often are insignificant!

Watch out for my new web page coming very soon…”Celebrating YOUR Success”!! Here we will share many different  success stories, and all about YOU!

“For success, attitude is equally as important as ability”

Walter Scott