October 17, 2020
Celebrating Success!
Far too often when things don’t quite go to plan, we beat ourselves up and set off a chain of negative self talk. The reverse...
October 4, 2020
Nurturing Talent!
My work takes me into sport as well as business…people are people at the end of the day…the way that they think and behave. The...
  The personnel of any team change…People join, and people leave. Sometimes change can be healthy…but to get the best from a group of people...
August 30, 2020
Its good to talk!!
I went for a walk early morning today…Just 40 minutes…I stopped at a coffee shop with outside seating. Nothing unusual about that. The young lady...
Manager or Leader or one and the same? Do Managers lead, or do Leaders manage? If we look at the simple Dictionary definition we see…...
If we look at the strict definition of a dream, we find the following… “A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that usually occur...


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In addition to my work as Nick Bishop Solutions, I am also a Director with Solution Focused, where I also write their Weekly Focus & record the accompanying Podcast. These are also included below…Enjoy!!

August 2019

Self Motivation

Its down to each of us!

The importance of planning

Whats your plan?

An Obsession 

And that damages our personal relationships

July 2019

Style or Substance

Who wins?

Comfort Zones?

Step outside them!


And why they are so important

June 2019

How do you eat an elephant?

In bite sized chunks!

We are born lucky

Or are we?


Is it the same as knowledge?

Self Development

It starts with you!

May 2019

Introducing change into The Work Place

The key lessons

Making the seemingly impossible- Possible! 

Yes you can!

That is the question

April 2019

Creating an impact

And a lasting impression!

Reinvent yourself

Sometimes we have to!

Choose to be a player

It brings new life to all!

March 2019

Embracing Change

For all the right reasons!


Forming good ones and getting rid of bad ones!

February 2019 

Is L&D an employee perk?

A hot topic!

Staff motivation 

What has to change?

Managing Conflict in the workplace

What has to happen?

The business consequences of excessive work

And some thoughts!

A healthy working environment

Consider the benefits 

January 2019

Help is all everywhere

Just ask!

Reaching Peak Performance

And do we ever get there?

Teams are Teams

Both in the workplace & elsewhere!

New Year Blues 

And why it need not be! 


Manager or Leader

Which are you?

Why New Year’s resolutions rarely work 

And what has to change.

Creating your own opportunities

Don’t be afraid of self promotion!


Try…Try…Try again

Or try something new?

Offering the best customer experience.  

And that transcends price

Creating a high performing culture.

Some simple steps to take. 


Help or hindrance?


Making Mistakes & Moving On

Some simple steps

Leaders v Managers

What are the differences?

Marginal Gains

It all adds up?

When excellence runs through the spine

Every person and all of the time!

Welcome to The Ryder Cup

Business and Teams United!


Great Work Ethic

But where does it come from?

Some “Team Dynamics" considered

Lets think of the Government.

Limiting Beliefs

And a very different story!

Dont mention Brexit

When negotiation becomes complex

Always look on the bright side

The past has gone…Time to engage with the now!


The Law Of Attraction

Can we always get what we want?

Successful People Learn Every Day!

Everyday is an opportunity!



What does the Modern Leader look like?

Doubt to Do…A personal journey

For the next seven or eight weeks, my Blog will be both in word form and also podcast. this will be a personal story as I prepare both mentally and physically to cycle 200 miles on 7th/8th July. You can use the same tips & techniques in all that you do!

Part Eighteen

Celebrating success

Part Seventeen

When it all comes together!

Part Sixteen

They did…You can!

Part Fifteen

 Fulfilling an ambition. 

Part Fourteen

 When you have to dig deep!  

Part Thirteen

Inspiring Quotes

Part Twelve

Painting an exciting vision of your future success

Part Eleven

When you simply know no different

Part Ten

We all need that bit of inspiration!

Part Nine

Attitude is everything

June 2018

Part Eight

How do you eat an elephant?

Part Seven

Away from and towards motivation

Part Six

The Mind Gym 

Part Five


Part Four

Self Talk

These will appear twice weekly on my LinkedIn posts...Click here. (Part Three)

In case you missed, the first ones are below.

Part One

Part Two

May 2018

Doubt to Do

A two day cycle

April 2018

Stuart Storey

Its all about attention to detail!

Talent & Skills

Talent and Skills…Use them!

March 2018

First Impressions

What will yours be!?

February 2018

Going the extra mile!

You have to go the first mile first!

Is talent hereditary

And can we clone humans?

January 2018

Customer Experience

It’s more than the product!

Common Sense

Common sense & Customer Excellence have to work in tandem


What does it really mean?

December 2017

Smiles are for life

Not just for Christmas!

Choose your own moods!

Your mood can be infectious!

Service Excellence CW

Congratulations to Carphone Warehouse

November 2017

All Winners

It’s all about taking part


When the mood of others filters through in the Office

October 2017

No Fear of Failure

Wow…What could you do!!


When excellence runs through the spine

September 2017


And in a way that delights the Customer!

August 2017


How your Behaviour can tell many stories


What is the true “Stretch" of our efforts?

People are People

Sport & Business United. But what lessons can we learn?

What comes first…Aims or Goals

A very personal insight into the topic

June 2017

The first step

No matter what you do in life, the first step is always the hardest

May 2017

Marginal gains

Marginal gains…You can do it!


A ripple of happiness

April 2017

Style over substance?

Election Fever.docx

What the mind believes, the body will deliver!


Do you provide a “Great place to work"?

Great place to work.docx

March 2017

Make sure to create the “Right Environment"

Work environment

There is no finish line


Being at your very best, all of the time

How to recover your Mojo

February 2017 

What impact does our body language translate to when we speak on the phone?

When the face does the talking

Seemingly trivial events that can have a massive impact on staff morale…At your peril!

Staff Morale and Trust

Never underestimate the “Human touch"…It transcends function

Human touch 

January 2017

Simple tips to develop an effective “Performance Management" culture

Performance Mgt 

Service done well is very special..The little touches that make a big difference!.


Be careful of the words that you use


December 2016

The use of affirmations. Final part .Read more here




Carpe-diem continued. The use of affirmations. Final part to follow. Read more here



“Carpe Diem"…Seize the day and make the most of your life. Read more here!


Quotes are simple ways of making us think and reflect…A great way to think about what we should be doing. Enjoy the following…Written by Nick Bishop.


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November 2016

Manager…Leader…Coach, or maybe even Mentor. What are you?

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What creates amazing and inspirational performance. Watch this weeks video

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Account Management, Check out below…How to make that first call! If you need to know more, check out my Masterclass “Account Managers Masterclass"


Can Anyone become a Leader? Read more here


How transferrable are “Transferrable Skills"? Will this apply to Donald Trump?


October 2016

What defines Leadership?


Time to welcome your complaints!


Limiting beliefs prevent us all from reaching our true potential


“High Morale" what does it take?…Read more here.